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Liberty - 2023

2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st

Neal Gammon

Neal Gammon is an original songwriter based in the KC area. Born and raised in Southwest MO, Neal often finds creative inspiration in the nature that surrounded him growing up and that he continues to seek out today. Something as simple as rain drop falling off a leaf in rhythm to the breeze or the ways the clouds come together and fade with the sunset can inspire creativity. Eventually, Neal decided to move to Liberty, MO in pursuit of a higher education and fresh perspectives on the world. Through a pursuit in many creative projects and endeavors, Neal found a love for writing songs as a way to share thoughts on the world around him. Often times his songs are from the first perspective, while other times telling the stories and sharing feelings of those around him. The lockdown brought out of lot of death and emotions, while providing opportunities and new light. These themes shine through in Neal's song lyrics along with instrumentals.

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