Make Music
Liberty - 2023

2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st

David M. Fulk

David has been singing and playing the piano since childhood. In addition to the piano lesson music, he grew up playing and singing from the hymnal and the sheet music he found in the piano bench—music of his mother’s from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Music is his first love and he likes sharing that love with friends and audiences, particularly leading them in singing. Outside of music, David is a fundraising professional who has raised support for William Jewell College, Truman Medical Centers, and now KCUR 89.3 and 91.9 Classical KC. He also loves Liberty. His involvement in community events earned him the nickname “the Square mascot.” Since 2008 he has been the concert host of the Liberty Summer Band. He is the elected City Clerk of Liberty.

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